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A Book of My Life

If I could choose to read a book which shows all of things that happened and will happen in my entire life, I would read the book.


I love reading, especially those wrote by me. Since all the content are about me, then I am the author. If I want to write a book, or even a few sentence, I write it good.

I love stories. Stories make me think and wonder, no matter whose. Good ending stories give me the chances to laugh and happy, tragedy ending stories show me the reality, the truth, make me contemplate the life.

I am curious, who doesn’t? Not knowing would never be my motto. Now a book allows me to look back on how I have been through, meanwhile anticipate what will be like of my rest life, that is just a piece of meat in front of a lion.

What about the fun of unknown? It’s just the same as I don’t care about all spoiler alerts, to me, result matters, but process matters more.

So I am definitely going to read this book of my own, just like I am eager to know what are the outcomes of all fictions and stories I read.

Hold on a second, there is something wrong here. I feel a bit of contradiction, what if I learn about something bad is going to happen in the coming future, could I be able to change it?

Anyway, this is today’s this is your life, my first blog, thanks for reading.


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