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If I Rule The World

If I have one superpower that can effect all the world, what it would be? I guess I am gonna go with attention draw ability. Nowadays most people, especially young generations, are extremely insane at pop stars and film and television celebrities. They follow their Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts,  Instagram accounts and so on, they check, like, comment, share every line, every photo of those superstars, even just a usual daily life picture which is just the same as their lives can earn loads of likes easily.

I mean it is OK to have some social network activities, it’s actually nice to give blessing to your friends when they are on birthdays, it’s nice to share a funny family picture or just make a comfortable comment. The problem is always excessive on something normal, even obsession. In case you don’t follow me, let me put it this way: a celebrity’s cat photo is just the same with your own cat photo.

So if I get the super power of changing attentions, I would use it properly.

I would give a little more public attentions to what is going on in science development. Let people know a little more about scientists’ great works and appreciation of their amazing high intelligence.

I would give a little more public attentions to children welfare and poor people situations all over the world. Most people might have a insouciant life, but others are not, they need more help.

What would you choose your own superpower, let me know.


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