Blog Prompts

Early Bird


I am an early bird from Adam.

Since I was a child, I completely drained my daily energy in the beginning of night, so I went to bed early. And my parents woke up early in the morning, so was I, been influenced. Now it is just a habit for me to get up early and start a whole new day.

I once stayed up late for several years. I went to sleep till I felt completely tired and exhausted, often 2 to 3 AM, even all night. Then I started to fell I was a bit in suboptimal health condition, the feeling was so strong because I know what health looks like.

Then I decided to sleep early for my health, and saw what would happen to my body and energy. It turned out to be good, I am now vigorous again, just like I am a child.

I don’t know what science behind our human living clock, but it seems quite important to know which type you are, night owl or early bird. Learn better about ourselves would extremely make us comfortable and alive. If you have no idea which type you belong, give it a shot to find out.

This is today’ writing prompt, Because the Night.


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