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Not a Sports Fandom

I am not a sports fandom. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate sports, as a matter of fact, I love sports and am kind of  good at them. I used to be a past master on ping pong, was active at basketball, football, “major” in tennis’ video games, cast quite long on softball, run fast than average people, jump and climb trees like nothing.

The real question is, what is a sports fan? I love playing sports and watching professionals playing them, I appreciate  professional athletes’ hard work and their great skills,  physical abilities and athletics sprites. I’ve seen and heard plenty of news about sports riots, that’s the time I wonder what does it actually mean for being a fan?

People could get mad and unreasonable if they are too obsessed on something that even have nothing to do with them. Most fans are not real fans, they are always beyond themselves and try to replace the real players psychologically. What I truly believe a fan is one who really enjoy the sports itself no matter win or lose. So I am a fandom except I am not according to common criterion. Sounds like a bit odd.

So anywho, I decide not to be a fandom, I’d rather enjoy and play personally.

This is today’s writing practice from Fandom, ciao ciao.


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