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Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future. from daily prompt.

How time flies, three years just past by, seems like no clock ticks and tocks. I have written my blog for three years since I published my first one. Life is just like ebb and flow, but one thing for sure, is that my blog still exists, I don’t give up writing at all. To be honest, I never expect I would reach this far and even consider it as a smidge achievement.

I initially started my blog on the topics of life, stage, lighting, and the major purpose is to practice my English writing skills constantly. What would my blog be like after three years? Do I still write the same subjects? Maybe, but I have extensive interests and short concentration, very likely I would add some more categories. Does my blog would be popular among readers, probably not, cause I don’t need that. Will I improve my writing skills? Well, definitely.

It is quite interesting to know what would it be for my blog in 3 three years. And also interesting for hypothetically posting a blog as if it is posted in the future. At least it made me think about how my blog goes over time, wondering about the changes and whatever comes to me. Life comes and goes, people say hello and say goodbye, the immutable stuff may only be those words and articles I posted before when the time arrives. And it surely will give me memories when looking along the path I walked through.

Yesterday Once More by Carpenters


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