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Hannah Montana Movie Review

I saw this movie of Hannah Montana in the summer of 2015, the reason why I chose to spend time on it is because I love the Hannah Montana TV show of Disney, which is youthful and joyful for teenagers and even adults.

I was then hoping I would have a great time after four seasons of the shows, but I was wrong. Before you read through my review, my suggestion is do not waste your time and money watching this movie.

Spoilers alert.

First of all, the main story of this movie is all about how Miley Stewart is struggling and dealing with her double life, which make obvious negative influences to her family, her friends, her fandom and her love. I have to say about this outline, actually I am with it. It’s straightforward and sooner or later superstar like Hannah would face the moment that partly lost in fame and swelled with arrogance. A regular script writer would never miss the point of this type of story, I guess. However, here comes several horrible scenarios.

With what I have said about the summary, it’s good, but here is the problem. I could recall there was already an episode kinda talked about this problem Miley had in TV series, unfortunately I don’t know the exact episode, but I swear I remember. So if you already wrote a scene, don’t write it again, not to mention making it a movie. I am not sure which timeline this movie started, but it is surely duplicate. Unless you have much more to say about the same story, but from what I have watched, not so much.

Not a boy friend again. Hannah or Miley already had several boyfriends from the show, like Jake Ryan and Jesse. May be Travis Brody is not actually counted as a boyfriend at last, but it is a way old-fashioned convention to bring such a character in. Since Miley didn’t stay long at southern home, and heterosexual love have nothing to do with her contradiction of mind, so there is no meaning to put a boy here. I think her dad, Robby Ray Stewart, should do the job.

Miley like stage life, the spotlight and lighting, fans’ scream, and she’s only a girl. She decided to keep her real role privately at the outset for a peaceful normal life. The she constantly suffered from the public’s attempt to exposure her and her mind was also floundering. Although in this movie, Hannah luckily keep her secret, she is not happy. In the end, I still don’t follow what this movie try to convince me. A best of both worlds is not that simple.

Anyway, not all parts in this movie are bad, at least I think the song Hoedown Throwdown is a good taste. You could watch on Youtube.

You may interest in others opinions about this Hannah Montana movie, read them on IMDB.


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