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There Is No Such Thing

When we talk about faith, I think it is always refer to be a religious meaning. So from some time in human being’s history, some people or a culture created or formed this term by virtue of fear and veneration to unknown nature. Since then, generations after generations have fallen into this hole and completely sunk into it.

There is no such thing as a god,  let alone faith. God in fact is just human’s production, a fake and imaginative character. And some people abuse this fancy to mislead and manipulate public via religion. It is actually nice to have fairy tales to tell youngsters, such as Norse mythology and Chinese ancient stories, because we need it to let our reality seems not to pale. But definitely it is not cool to misuse and misunderstand them.

Went to check what others have said about the existence of God, I am happy now it’s a good time in history for many people start to be reasonable and logical, especially younger generations. There are some informative sources supporting my opinion, if you are interest in this topic, you should check, like god is imaginary, Stephen Hawking’s view, etc. Recently, Alabama’s board of educations passed the votes to teach evolution as a basic law, this is so exciting. (See the news here)

This is today’s writing practice, prompted by Un/Faithful.


One thought on “There Is No Such Thing

  1. I happened to listen to part of Joyce Meyer talking about what she thinks is causing the rage in so many non-believers. They have no faith, no hope at all when things don’t work out right. At least the Christian can keep praying and believing for their miracle. One way to look at it. Hopeless people are dangerous people.


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