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Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

Recently I am amused and stunned by a tune, it’s called believe me if all those endearing young charms, an Irish folk song. First time I heard this music was from the album of Bandari 20th anniversary, when the melody is played, I think I fall in love with it. Now this music becomes my earworm and that is what I like.

Early in 19th century, an Irish poet Thomas Moore added a beautiful lyric to this tune, in order to let his wife to be convinced of his love to her is never going to change any bit, no matter whatsoever, neither the disease nor aging.

This song is not only catchy, but also smooth. I’ve listened dozens of versions and just can’t stop, here I would like to show a collection of different versions with you.

The first version is of course by Bandari, released in 2010. It is new age style and playing instruments include piano, maybe Irish whistle or flute, I am sorry, I am not sure, I am not familiar with musical instruments. by the way, Bandari is a great music project from Switzerland, sadly no much fellow know about their wonderful masterpieces.

Next version was performed and created by Jenny Oaks Baker, she is obviously a talented violin player, and the music video is also an elaborate work.

Third one was sung by the famous child star Shirley Temple, the scene is from the film The Littlest Rebel, filmed at 1935. Shirley has the amazing voice when she was a little girl.

I am quite sure after you listen to this music several times, you’d love it just as I do.

Here is a funny animated video about this song used for jokes by some old animations.

This is today’s blog prompt, inspired by earworm.


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