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Seinfeld Basic Review

I’ve heard enough positive reputations about this 90’s sitcom Seinfeld, although it had ended 18 years ago, but many people are still talking about how extremely amusing and funny this show is. I love watching Friends, and it is said that Seinfeld is the same classic as Friends, with me been convinced by that saying, I went to watch Seinfeld begin from season 1 episode 1.

Spoiler Alert

This comedy has the same opening set in every episode, that is the main character Jerry Seinfeld, as a stand-up comedian, say funny stories on the stage of local clubs with a single spotlight on him, most of those funny things were based on his own life experience, some were inspired from his few friends like George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer. He was very successful comedian, performed well on the stage in front of audiences, and of course made a quite fortune.

The first impression of this show gave to me was not that strong, but I thought it is a common thing for all of sitcoms, I could recall my first time with Friends was neither interesting. So I thought give it more episodes and seasons, then made conclusion. So far I only watched about 5 seasons, frankly , some were amused, a majority of the scenes were just common. The reason I abandoned this show abruptly is majorly because of the second character, namely Jerry’s best friend George.

George was a person which I don’t have neither good nor bad feeling on the first two seasons, but he was getting annoying and disgusting from season 3. This man is a liar, a fool, a self-righteous man, have no responsibility. I have no problem with Jerry, but I wonder why he made a friend with people like George. This character is the reason ruined this comedy. I know it is just a TV series character, and I believe Jerry and Elaine are in fact nice people, so it makes no sense they are friends with George, it is just unreasonable. If a show or a book try to present a certain type of people, even it’s set to be evil, that is totally OK, however, good guys can be friends with bad guys, that is completely nonsense. Even this show turns out to just make me a few giggles, I will keep watching till the final season, but with this set, I quit.

May be I am just too emotional on morality, so I can’t stand on bad behaviors, or perhaps Seinfeld is overrated(8.9 rating on IMDb). I don’t know, may be I will give it another chance, to finish the left seasons I discarded. Anyway, you shouldn’t be influenced by me, I suggest you to see other’s opinions about this show.

Funny moments of Seinfeld


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