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Finished A Book

Last year, I did resolved one of my new year resolution, read through a book and took notes. The book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson published at 2003. It tells almost everything about what we know so far from atoms to our universe, from ancient world to modern life.

How did I manage to finish this book? Well, first of all, the content is already interesting and it is just my favorite topic, for I always curious about our mysterious world and life, I would very much like to know it all. Secondly, I didn’t rush to read like 100 pages a day, which I don’t want to and obviously I can’t. So I just perused 6 or 7 pages a day, recalled and took notes the next day before I started next pages. I am a speed reader even when I read carefully, spent 20 minutes a day on reading is quite enough for me.

So days after days, it took me almost 3 months to read the whole book, and now this is one thing I can brag about.

I hope I can do this kind of thing again in 2016, stick to something good, make it a habit. OK, Let’s do this.

This is today’s writing practice for resolved.


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