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Keeping up with the Joneses

An original and valuable paint by Leonardo da Vinci, I would highly appreciate it but do not want it; An expensive Ferrari car that looks extremely awesome, it’s overrated if I can’t drive like lightning with all those speed limits; An extravagant mansion could be fine, but it’s no use when I decide to live alone all my life. So it seems like to me there is no such thing as luxury as they would be, only one thing I do need it.

It’s a large spaceship, looks like this one.

I like traveling, especially space travel. You can stay in your own spaceship far away from noisy crowds, just enjoy the beautiful cosmos scenes, and there are hundreds of thousands of planets are waiting for me to explore.

A spaceship is the replacement of both cars and houses. It contains all the rooms you need for your normal life. You can read books, have dinners, take showers, sleep well, enjoy alone time, all in one spaceship. Isn’t it nice for people who are like to be sole.

The ship can go anywhere if I want, it already has the ability of interstellar travel. If I need replenishment, simply go back to earth.

I know it’s impossible to have one now, even it does exist, it definitely costs an arm and a leg. But it is always my true wish.


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