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I have watched a TED talk so many times, and every time I watched, I got motivated.

Why 30 is not the new 20 by Meg Jay

Just a few years later, I will be 30 years old. How time flies. I always wish for more time, because I always waste time, this is a terrible cycle. So if I get a chance to return certain years back in my life, I will choose going back to my 20.

20 is a subtle age, it is the time you are being more mature and also still have plenty rooms for personality sharping. Not everyone get to told by wisdom people about how to live your life without regrets, one should only go through their own experiences then may know what is the best road for him/her. It’s like once you know if you go there you will be hurt, you won’t go there, unfortunately, we never know.

The real season I choose 20 years old is because I want to prepare for my better 30 than what I am now, and how I regret I didn’t appreciate hard workings.

Some people say it’s never too late. I hope so.

This is today’s writing,  prompt by If I Could Turn Back Time.


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