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Learning Alone

My preferred learning style is learning all alone, I can be easily disturbed by people around me when I am studying. I also go to classes and listen to professors, and when I have a question I also like discuss it with others, but the best way I can deeply learn something is to think in my brain heart and soul all by myself.

I am not a that smart person, I always need a bit more time than others to digest what I’ve learned. Taking lectures in classes or online, doing searches on Google, asking for help and so on, they are just the first step of my learning, to get basic knowledge. And next step is I need to think harder to get what is the real nature behind those knowledge, the best way to do that is I should be totally alone without any distractions.

Here is an informative answer about best learning method I found on quora, should be useful.

So, tell us about your own learning style.


One thought on “Learning Alone

  1. I personally prefer learning in a group. You can bounce ideas off each other. I also like to write things down. I retain the information more, if I write it down instead of simply reading. I must also read the material more than once, unless it’s a very good novel. 🙂 I also retain information if it’s accompanied by visuals. Lectures go in one ear and out the other. 🙂


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